Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency

Recently I began watching the Netflix show ‘Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency’.

maxresdefaultAlthough bellhop Todd Brotzman doesn’t have a lot going on in his life, the worst awaits him. It begins when he arrives at work one day and is sent up to the hotel’s penthouse, where he discovers millionaire Patrick Spring has been murdered. An odd chain of events that unfolds leads to Todd becoming a person of interest in the crime and losing his job. That is when he meets Dirk Gently, a fast-talking, eccentric detective who has been hired to investigate the murder. He believes that he and Todd are destined to solve the mystery together. Once Dirk is able to convince TodDirk_Gently_NYCC_Saga_Sell_Trailer_60_REV2_YouTube_Preset_790895683981_mp4_video_1920x1080_5000000_primary_audio_7_1920x1080_790900803638-800x450d to work with him, the latter is visited by wild, dangerous characters — all associated with Dirk — who complicate his life further. Dirk,meanwhile, is being hunted by seemingly deranged assassin Bart, who almost kills a man she mistakenly believes to be the detective.

This show is honestly amazing. It combines the supernatural world of psychic powers with mystery, a detective that solves cases by simply doing what he wants, and the power of coincidence.

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